Colac Area Health Research Unit

Research will generate great health outcomes for our community



The Colac Area Health Research Unit was formed in 2020 under the leadership of Dr Didir Imran and the Colac Area Health Executive Team.

Since its formation the unit has been successful in obtaining research funding and publication, collaborating with partners, along with supporting multiple Colac Area Health staff to undertake research.


Colac Area Health (CAH) understands that research plays a vital role in informing clinical practice and the overall health of patients, staff and the surrounding community. Our vison is to continue growing our research work to contribute to ongoing improvements in the care and health of our community. Colac Area Health is committed to building strong organisational research culture and fostering external research partnerships. The organisation is committed to supporting staff in developing, implementing and translating their research within the resources of the organisation.


Dr Didir Imran (District Director of Medical Administration)

Dr Laura Alston (Associate Director of Research)

Dr Michael Field (Western Alliance Research Translation Coordinator)


Our Research Partners

Western Alliance and Health Service Partners

The Global Obesity Centre

Institute for Health Transformation at Deakin University

Deakin Rural Health

Deakin University

Current projects topics in 2020-21



Dr Michael Field – OR Dr Laura Alston –




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