Consultant Paediatrician

Dr Emily Reid provides paediatric consultations for children from the Colac Area. This new service adds to the existing private visiting paediatric services and hopes to increase the availability of paediatric services locally.

What we do

Emily sees children with a wide range of general paediatric problems including:

  • Congenital anomalies
  • Follow-up of premature infants
  • Growth problems
  • Genetic syndromes and developmental concerns
  • Neurological problems (seizures, cerebral palsy, headaches)
  • Renal problems (kidney abnormalities, continence issues)
  • Asthma, eczema, infections, anaemia and many other child health concerns.

Who we care for

We will provide general paediatric consultations but will also have a particular focus on heath concerns in the “early years” from infancy to kindergarten age.

Commonly asked questions

Do I need a referral for this service?
Yes you do.

How much does it cost?
This is a free public service. All patients will be bulk billed through medicare.

What days of the week does she consult?
Emily consults most Wednesdays.

How to access this service

You will need a referral from your GP or another Health Professional. Referrals can be received by either GP’s through referralnet or handed to Main Reception.

What to bring

On the day of your appointment please bring any documents that will assist Dr Reid eg Maternal and Child Health book, recent scans/results, Medicare Card.



03 5232 5100




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